Laura’s Great Escape.

Quit your job; sell your house; move to France.

A woman, her dog and their van searching for self sufficiency.

Laura and Betty in their campervan
Laura and Betty (her dog) heading off on an adventure in their van.

My Latest Posts

  • Little and Large
    The events in this post took place in September 2021. I made my way back to the campsite and settled in for the evening; the next day I had a viewing booked for half an hour away, and half an hour from that was the campsite I had booked for the next two nights. Again,Continue reading “Little and Large”
  • Derivation
    The events in this post took place in September 2021. On my first morning in France, I was up with the lark for my first property viewing. As I got to the first bit of road out of the campsite, thrilled that I had set off on the correct side of the road, I wasContinue reading “Derivation”
  • Milky Way
    The events in this post took place on September 5th, 2021. After the van had dramatically burst into flames, I had bought a very little three-man tent so it would fit neatly into my very little car and it was a godsend. I am a happy camper and quite capable of pitching my five manContinue reading “Milky Way”
  • Looks like we made it.
    The events in this post took place on 5th September, 2021. It was going to take more than a fire and failed brakes to stop me from getting to France so I decided to go ahead with the trip and take a tent instead of the van so I could keep most of my bookings.Continue reading “Looks like we made it.”
  • The Kindness of Strangers
    The events in this post took place on September 3rd, 2021. As the morning of our departure came, I was brimming with excitement but tried to keep a lid on it as the drive was long and I didn’t want to burn out with over enthusiasm before I got to Folkestone. The van was smellyContinue reading “The Kindness of Strangers”
  • Packing for the Crash
    The events in this post took place in the first week of September 2021. Over the course of the following week, while still reeling from potentially having thrown all of my money away, I readied the van for our first French adventure. With Eurotunnel booked for the coming Friday afternoon and a return journey threeContinue reading “Packing for the Crash”
  • Scamming
    The events in this post took place in the last week of August 2021. Once the weekend’s festivities were behind me, I had to get back to real planning. Luckily, an online property abroad seminar coincided with my need to knuckle down and refocus. I needed to reset and reassure myself that I had theContinue reading “Scamming”
  • Hometown Glory
    The events in this post took place during late August bank holiday, 2021. Once dad and I had the van finished after a couple of weeks at his house, I headed back along the south coast to my mum’s for a week packed with plans. Firstly, the friends I had missed so much and IContinue reading “Hometown Glory”
  • Dadmim
    The events in this post took place in mid-August 2021. As well as booking viewings, finding accommodation and planning routes, I thought I really ought to get my thirty year old van looking ship shape. Dad busied himself working on the ancient electrics and got the pretty lights and (very handy) fridge functioning again. Together,Continue reading “Dadmim”
  • Hatching a plan
    The events in this post took place in mid August 2021. The day after my viewing and my son’s trial shift, I booked a Eurotunnel ticket for the van. (That’s how it works – you buy a ticket for your vehicle and then clown-car your way into cramming it as full of passengers as possibleContinue reading “Hatching a plan”